2015 Industry Outlook

Insightful article from Forbes about industry growth in the upcoming calendar year….

The Industries Hiring the Most in 2015
Forbes (http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2014/10/14/the-industries-hiring-the-most-college-grads-in-2015/)

A new survey from Michigan State University has some great news for college students who will be graduating with bachelor’s degrees in 2015: hiring for new graduates is expected to jump by 16% next year. Since it was conducted between Aug. 15 and Sept. 23, and the 5,700 employers in the poll were asked about plans for students who will finish school in the spring of 2015, the numbers could go even higher, says Phil Gardner, director of Michigan State’s College Employment Research Institute (CERI), which conducted the survey.

The survey asked employers whether they had firmed up their hiring plans and only a quarter said they had. That means many could further bump up their hiring by the spring. “The increase could go as high as 20%,”he says.

What’s driving the surge? “Hiring demand has been pent up for awhile now,”he says. “The last couple of years have been positive but they were not strong, runaway markets.” Last year the overall hiring increase for new grads was just 7%.

In a breakdown by sector, the survey found explosive growth in the field of so-called information services: Hiring among telecommunications companies, motion pictures, broadcasting and, yes, publishing, will jump by 51% over last year, says Gardner. Since many of the companies in this sector are start-ups, he explains, a small number of hires can yield a large percentage increase, as in a company that grows from six to 12 employees. “A  lot of these companies have under 500 employees,” he says. The category also includes big employers like Google and Facebook, which continue to hire hundreds of grads, but in consistent numbers year over year.

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